Make A Mr Tumble Birthday Cake

When it to cake making there’s nothing better than getting creative and also getting the kids in to help backing with your kids can be a really nice bonding session so what are you going to back how about a cake that is made into your child’s favourite cartoon character here I will show you how to make a Mr Tumble cake that your kid(s) will be able to help you make or perhaps make them self once you have helped with the backing it really is that simple and they will be really happy when they have made a Mr tumble cake all by themselves it’s a great achievement for children when they achieve something and nothing better as a parent when you help them do that or are there to see them do that.

  1. Adults first job it to preheat the oven to around gas mark 4
  2. You will now have to lightly butter a square tin (7in is perfect)
  3. Mix together the sugar and butter so it’s smooth then slowly mix in the eggs

  1. Add the flour just a little at a time (if your flour is lumpy it’s best to shift it)
  2. Add the mixture into the greased tin
  3. Adult job pop the tin into the oven for around 60-90 minutes or until golden
  4. Once its cooked allow to cool and cut in half
  5. Spread each half one with cream and one with jam then put the two half together

  1. Mix a little yellow and red food colouring together and add to some white icing this should make a skin colour and spread over the cake you made earlier
  2. Make Mr tumbles hair with some broken up chocolate as Mr Tumbles hair
  3. Make some eyes with two white marshmallows
  4. Add a cherry for Mr Tumbles nose
  5. If you have candied peel use this to make Mr Tumbles mouth
  6. With some more marshmallows make a bow tie add some cherry’s for spots on the bow tie

Now that’s it Mr Tumble is completed and you have created your very own Mr Tumble cake topper and I am sure you will be very happy with it. I made this with my children and they were very happy that they had created their very own Mr Tumble and I was very proud with them for creating it. They now want to be chefs when they grow up and that’s just from making a simple cake. It’s a very simple step the next and this is what you should really enjoy with a nice cup of tea and a fizzy drink for the kids and that’s eating the cake.

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